The Michigan Distributors and Vendors Association (MDVA) is a non-profit, statewide business association representing two very significant business segments in the grocery and convenience products industry.

MDVA Distributors are the wholesale distributors of grocery and convenience products to the retail market place. With tobacco one of the many items we sell, we are licensed Michigan tobacco wholesalers, and collect the tobacco excise tax on behalf of the state. Last year alone, tobacco wholesalers collected and remitted over $1.2 billion dollars in excise taxes to the state of Michigan. Our wholesaler distributor members service retail accounts in every county of the state.

MDVA Vendors are the vending machine operators. Our vendor members operate snack food machines, as well as office coffee and food programs in facilities and accounts throughout the state.

MDVA members provide the middle link between manufacturers and the retailers of products you purchase every day. Out 100 member and associate members employ more than 2,000 individuals with an annual payroll of $150 million and nearly $3 billion in annual sales.

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