Legislative Representation

MDVA fulfills its mission with full-time experienced legislative representation in Lansing. We specialize in effective interaction with government: legislative, administrative and regulatory. MDVA has a bipartisan approach to lobbying which is especially relevant in these politically volatile times. As Michigan is unique with a full-time yet term-limited Legislature, MDVA is committed to a non-stop nurturing of relationships with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. The ongoing turnover that our legislative term limits causes requires a commitment to building meaningful rapport with decision makers and cultivating relationships with key leaders that will yield results in the ever changing environment. MDVA members receive frequent updates on legislative activity relevant to our issues and our progress on them.

We provide advocacy on behalf of our members to strengthen and support our industry. We are constantly monitoring the legislative process to protect our industry interests, participating in coalitions to support Michigan’s economic business climate and initiating our own agenda where it is needed to benefit our members.

We are a strong voice for our industry in Lansing.